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New Publications

Worship in the Joy of the Lord

edited by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and John D. Witvliet

Chip Stam, John D. Witvliet, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, CICW, Calvin College PressWorship in the Joy of the Lord is a curated collection of over 300 quotations on the deep meaning and purpose of Christian public worship designed to inspire, challenge, and equip worshipers and worship leaders to be transformed by the renewing gospel of Jesus Christ.

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There and Back:
Living and Learning Abroad

Donald G. DeGraaf

There and Back, study abroad, off-campus programs, Donald G. DeGraaf, Calvin College PressThere and Back: Living and Learning Abroad encourages students to prepare for off-campus study programs, to think deeply about the challenges they will encounter, to document their growth, and to explore, affirm, and expand their faith. Featuring blog posts from former students, There and Back offers a resource to help students become pilgrims rather than tourists and to deepen their study abroad experience.

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The Calvin College Press exists to facilitate the publication of books and other materials (including digital media) that advance the program of Christian scholarship at Calvin College. It is responsible for identifying and reaching audiences that are likely to share Calvin's interests in various areas of Christian education and scholarship.

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Calvin Shorts

The Church and Religious Persecution,  Kevin R. den Dulk, Robert J. Joustra, Calvin Shorts, Calvin College PressThe Chruch and Religious Persecution

by Kevin R. den Dulk and Robert Joustra

Emerging Adulthood and Faith, Jonathan P Hill, Calvin College Press, Calvin ShortsEmerging Adulthood and Faith

by Jonathan P. Hill