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New Calvin Shorts Available

Christians and Cultural Difference

David I. Smith and Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim (June 2016)

Understanding cultural differences is a basic life skill for all of us, not just for missionaries or world travelers. Christians and Cultural Difference offers an overview of how Christians have been rethinking their relationship to others and otherness, why we reach across cultural lines, and why we should. Learn more.

Calvin Shorts is a series for global Christians who want to understand our world better. Each book examines a single topic, untangles misconceptions, and suggests ways to think and act faithfully. Designed to be read in an evening or during a flight, Calvin Shorts may be ordered in soft cover from your favorite bookstore or in ebook format from your favorit online retailer.


Coming Soon

American Roots, James D. Bratt, Calvin Shorts, Calvin College press, Calvin CollegeAmerican Roots

by James D. Bratt

Summer 2016

Now Available

Emerging Adulthood and Faith, Jonathan P. Hill, Calvin College Press, Calvin ShortsEmerging Adulthood and Faith

by Jonathan P. Hill

The Church and Religious Persecution, Kevin den Dulk, Robert J. Joustra, Calvin College Press, Calvin ShortsThe Church and Religious Persecution

by Kevin den R. Dulk and Robert J. Joustra